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Max. Lifting Capacity: 80t

The length of Full Extend Boom + Jib: 55m

Rated power:242kW/1800rpm


SANY Crawler cranes features in top reliability and the highest operational efficiency with its lifting capacity ranging from 40t to 1600t. In 2011, SANY launched SCC36000, a twin-boom crawler crane with breakthrough tonnage never seen before in the industry. SANY has remained ahead in technological innovation, acquiring over 500 patents for crawler cranes on sales alone, ensuring its machines offer you maximum safety, stability and flexibility in whatever operating environment.

Assembly/Work Mode Switch

In Assembly Mode, the over-hoist protection, boom limit, LMI are all off work to facilitate crane assembly; In Work Mode, all safety devices activate to protect the operation.

Emergency Stop

In emergent situation, this button is pressed down to cut off the power supply of whole machine and all actions stop.

Load Moment Indicator (LMI)

It is an independent computerized safety control system. LML can automatically detect the load weight, work radius and boom angle, and present on the display the rated load, actual load, work radius and boom angle.
In normal operation, the LML can make a judgment and cut off automatically if the crane moves towards dangerous direction. It can also perform as a black box to record the lifting information.

Over-hoist Protection of the Main/ Auxiliary Hooks

It comprises of limit switch and weight on boom top, which prevents the hook lift up too much. When the hook lifts up to the limit height, the limit switch activates, buzzer on the left control panel sends alarm, and failure indicator light starts to flash, the hook hoisting action is cut off automatically.

Over-release Protection Device of the Main/Auxiliary Winch

It comprises of activator in the drum and proximity switch to prevent over release of wire rope. When the rope is paid out close to the last three wraps, the limit switch acts, and the system sends alarm through buzzer and show the alarm on the instrument panel, automatically cutting off the winch action.

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